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The Energetic Power of Strength, an unconditional force of love, the sacred sacrifice of willingness to give more than receiving, the intellect with a passion to achieve everything she desires and Empathy towards every entity is the powerhouse of a Woman.

Womanhood has seen a revolution in what they were perceived in earlier times and how they have been looked upon today.

Only when we turn back and see behind, do we realize we have come along way in the journey of our growth.

The transformational journey of Woman over years

Confident and Strong

 Today’s Woman knows and understands her strength and weakness and confidently performs everything based on small and achievable goals. She is prepared enough to make the journey of life her strength and fight to win against all odds. She depicts her confidence and strength by holding her head high and walks along with the fast-moving pace of the world.

Persistency –

Woman of today are capable to speak up for what they feel is right and having a strong stand in what they believe. Deviating a woman based on other’s viewpoints does not prevail to change her mindset from her dreams.

Independent and financially stable –

Woman are no more helpless and dependent on their spouse and family for their living. A number of Woman have been in leading top positions in the corporate world as they have been well educated, broad-minded, and experienced to make themselves capable to be financially stable.

Awareness of her rights –

Woman, in the earlier times were confined being caretakers of the home. They did not have much of a social stake in society and were duped easily to perform an act but in today’s world woman is aware of her rights, legalities, privileges and social initiatives of her authority and stands upright against the ones who do not abide with the rules and regulations of the law.

Unstoppable Woman –

We are in 2022 and today’s Woman are unstoppable. Woman have proved themselves by their belief and self-confidence in every field we mark and name. Not only do they excel in their professional front, a woman also knows to balance her personal life and the wellbeing of her family. The growth of woman has seen a remarkable make from what they were earlier portrayed as.

Empowered Woman– 

The jealousy attitude that was associated with one woman to another is now slowly disappearing and soon will be vanished. Woman now do not see each other as competitors but they see other Woman as strength and support. They collaborate to empower each other for the betterment. In fact, these days it is well noticed that behind every successful Woman, there is a tribe of another woman.

Inspiration to the society –

The progressive woman is an inspiration for the society as they can be in their simplest form yet be the strongest, they can multi-task by not only managing their home but capable of managing the whole nation, they have set an example by their act of kindness, courage and bravery.

Woman Gang always there for each other

Woman is a blessing to humanity and the universe. She is the universal force to give life and nurture an individual with utmost love and care.

Being woman is natural, realizing being womanhood is empowerment to this nature.

Lity munshi

By Jasmine

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