Uncertainty is life

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Our day starts with planning for our Routine, Our Vacation, Our Life. Moreover, we plan for our future also in a specific way BUT does everything goes as per planning?

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“Each day, Each moment cannot be same as planned. ” Destiny, Deeds might have some other plans for us that is far from our expectations.

For instance:

  1. Times when we have planned for a vacation and our boss calls us for an extra work during the same time.
  1. Surprise test by teacher in school when the previous day we have studied another subject. 

We think something, but something else happens. Life is designed that way.

Ex: King Dashrat had planned that his elder son Lord Sri Ram would be the future king but as per his vow and promise given to his wife Kaikayi, things changed and his brother Bharat was declared the king.

Lord Sri Ram, though born in a royal family had to spend 14 years of his life in Vanvas (Exile).

 This shows that uncertainty is a part of life.

Each one of us experience at some point or other, two phases in life and that is DIFFICULT/ CHALLENGING TIMES and NORMAL/ EASY GOING TIMES.

Normal times / easy going times.

We all desire this stage in life as these do not pressurize us, sets a routine for us with sufficient time for sufficient work. BUT

Gradually, life becomes monotonous, the tasks and work seems boring and our desire of an energetic and happy life are left aside. 

Thus, we find out new techniques and ways to make things interesting by following our hobby, learning new skill, socializing with friends and family. 

Difficult/ challenging times 

They are a tough friend of ours in disguise. They are uncertain, they enter our life without a prior notice but they teach us a lot in the process.

It can be divided in few stages:

  • Initial Stage

As Human Beings, we all have emotions and this stage makes Angry, Uncomfortable, Frustrating, Fearful.

Example: COVID 19 is a difficult time for everyone and it has made all of them fear about the present and future earnings, living, health and almost all aspects of life. 

It Made us uncomfortable to be in our own shelter, not moving out and frustrated by the lifestyle change.

However, what is important is to move out from this initial phase and not get stuck on it. 

  • Second stage

Acceptance is the new learning in the second phase of difficult times. The faster one accepts this phase of life, the faster the difficult times seems to become easier and we sail through the storm smoothly. Acceptance ,Understanding and mindfully reminding that NO times can last long, each phase has a time to vanish and come back.

The difficult times are not permanent. The key to overcome it is by Accepting, Learning and Growing in the process. 

  • Resilient Stage

We fight back and overcome the challenging phase by Growing each day. Slowly we realize that the monotonous lifestyle is now changed and now we find out a way to live a life which has few bumps in the smooth road. 

 Ex: Covid 19 has taught all of us the importance of saving, has taught us Health is Wealth, importance of Family time and Delegation of work eases our tasks and much more learning of this phase.

    As destiny has designed, difficult times also passes by and We recall the beautiful memories and learning that it gave us and we become more and more Strong and are ready to welcome any phase of life with a broad SMILE as Smile gives us the motivation to accept, learn and experience. 

Time of uncertainty

Uncertainty can come in any stage of our life, at any point of time on any aspect like health, wealth, family, study, person in different forms but it is always a friend in disguise which guides us to live life with full strength, passion and learning. 


A life full of fun, enjoyment, excitement, happiness is a combination of both Happy and easy going days and challenging/ difficult days.



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