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Our thoughts are a reflection of what we are as an individual. An individual gets around 60000 thoughts in a day. The thoughts we get to design make our IDENTITY.

 Have you ever given a thought to how do you want to portray ‘YOU’ to the world and also to ‘ SELF’?

1)Do you want to be the one who is optimistic in every situation ?

2)Be someone who comes out of a difficult situation quickly by gathering a lot of courage.

3)Be the strong one who does not get blown away by the situations prevailing around.

In that case, observe the events and situations around you.

Just as children, who grow up with the outcome of the information , Ideas and Values that are imparted to them, Similarly, our identity is the manifestation of the Thoughts, Knowledge that we feed ourselves with.

Many a times , there could be Chaos, Confusions, Problems around us that are Uncontrollable but , the only thing that is in our Control is the knowledge that We want to feed our Mind. Feed yourself with information that gives you Positive Vibes .The positive vibes give us positive thoughts.

The thoughts we get are a mix of the external factors that surround us and internal factors like our Dreams, Wishes, Aspirations.

The thoughts that keep us awake and do not let us rest when we close our eyes to sleep are our internal thoughts.

Be mindful of the thoughts that comes and goes.

Pick the ones that nurture your growth to build you more Stronger and Powerful and Let go of the thoughts that are just there to disturb you.

# Build your Own identity # Monitor your thoughts # Art of Bouncing back # Nurture your dreams # Stay Positive


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