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Do things that interests you and u will fly high

Its a beautiful thing when Career and Passion come together. There is magic in everything you do. Life becomes truly meaningful.

However, out of curiosity I wanted to know how many of them matched their Passion to their Professional work.

Figures of facts

After a small research, I found out that every one is aware of the fact that when we follow our passion, we live our dreams but the absolute truth is that not everyone is lucky enough to match both the things in their life.

A very small number of people were happy with what they were doing in their professional front. When career started, the real passion for doing anything was unknown and for some the hunt and search of passion is yet a mystery.

The underlying cause of doing a work that is not a choice but just a chance.

1) Job is done only to fulfill family commitments, have financial security.

2) Experimenting a change in career and living as per interests could turn out to be risky.

3) Fear of not being able to succeed and difficult to sail in 2 boats at the same time.

In short, the work is continued just to “earn for a living”. Though it results in dis satisfaction, Monotonous life, no sense of achievement but yet it fulfills the important criteria “Monetary value”.


Life is not perfect for everyone, there is surely a missing element in one or the other fronts of our life. Everyone experiences this. This is the way it is.

It has bumpy roads and potholes but would it be the fun if life becomes really smooth? everything works according to our wishes?

That would be possible only when There is no life left. Its an end.

However, the imperfections of life can be filled with some perfect moments. Moments that we really enjoy, Moments that fills our heart with joy. Moments that we can still keep up the Josh and moments that motivate us to keep moving each day .

These moments are moments of BLISS.

Bliss is a deep and a profound feeling, it gives a sense of completeness.

Bliss takes us away from the vicious circle of being happy and sad. Happiness is temporary for a short period of time but feeling of bliss leaves behind a imprint in our hearts.

Attaining bliss is easy and very effective.

Few experiences of bliss

1) Bliss in meditation.

2) Bliss in swimming on a super hot day.

3) The Bliss of giving birth to a child and the feeling of holding your baby on your arms for the first time

4) The bliss in celebrating the little things in life.

5)Bliss in helping someone unknown without anything back in return.

6) Bliss in volunteering for a social cause.

The essence of bliss can spice up the not so perfect work life and passion culture. It helps us to find alternative ways and techniques to de stress and relax . The small little waves of dis satisfaction that we get in our day to day work will become insignificant and each day can be treasured with a ever going spirit.

The earn for living mindset will transform to part of the process of life and our main motto and purpose of life will be to ” live for bliss”.

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