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All of us have heard that Words have energy. Words have the power to make or break individuals, events or circumstances in life. Also, every word we speak or hear has a life of its own. But I experienced the influence of it for the first time during a visit to an eye hospital.

This occurred when a dear friend of mine, Ruchika, asked me to accompany her to a nearby eye hospital. This was for a routine eye test which she does once a year.

To bribe me, she added ‘We can go shopping after the check-up. “Shopping ” – This word was tempting to me. Excited and with a cheering tone I happily agreed to it.  However, the deal was we would sip a hot energetic coffee that soothes our tiredness from a day of window shopping.

Our big plans that went for a toss midway

We had big plans for the whole day. It’s so much fun to be with friends, laugh, giggle and chit-chat.

As per the plan, we first went to the eye hospital with a preconceived notion that it will not take much of a time there as the appointment was scheduled and fixed earlier.

At the hospital, the receptionist at the desk enquired ” Mam, Patient Name”.

This statement confused Ruchika. She was bewildered and asked me” Why is she calling me a patient? I am here just for a consultation for an eye test. I am fit and fine.

However, we ignored the so-called Word PATIENT and moved on as the receptionist was just doing her duty.

The attendee asked us to take a seat and told when the doctor calls, we will call the patient. My friend was again shaken up a little more. But she kept calm.

After some time, a nurse came from the doctor’s room and called Patient Ruchika. This way, as per the procedure of the hospital, every person in the hospital addressed her as the patient.

The outburst

My friend could not take it anymore now. She emptied the filled bowl of emotions with me and said,

” I came here, just to get an eye test and to get a pair of glasses for me. But each time I am called as a Patient, I feel so bad as though I am unwell and have come here for some treatment.”

Words, positive or negative are so influential. They have the aura to take us to a place in the context it is used. Words build up the World.

Reflecting on this, I realized negative comments have also affected me in the past.

How many a time do Words and personal comments of people like

 ” U are too thin”, “Do You finish the whole food at your home?” ” Your height is not up to the mark”, and many more have pinched me too.

The Mood shift

I realized that the comments do not matter to me anymore now. The comments and words matter to us only when we wish to accept them. The choice is ours.

  • Nobody is perfect. Each one of us has some or the other imperfections.
  • The less we respond to negative comments about us, the more peaceful our life becomes.
  • Outside comments do not matter, what matters is what we think about those comments.

I then smiled and said: There are always two sides to a coin. This situation also has 2 sides to look at it.

My friend, you are right that Words are so effective and it can make or break someone.

However, Words affect only when you allow them to affect you. When you consider yourself to be fit, then block and do not allow the flickering to disturb you. You know yourself better than anyone else. Only your reaction to any situation can make you strong. Just ask yourself next time these questions before you allow anything.

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

If the answer is no, then just move on, the words have no weightage in your life.

Look at all the perspectives

The other angle of looking at this situation is that the attendees and the nurses are just following the norms of addressing every visitor as a Patient. They do not mean it.

Many a time, we do not listen but we just react to certain words, sentences and situations at the surface level but if we go a little deep in understanding it, we realize no harm is done to hurt us.

The dictionary meaning of patient is Someone who has come for any medical treatment.

We take things so much to our hearts that we do not try to look at another side of the coin.

Friendships, Relationships would never break up if everyone tries to understand the deeper meaning told in the perspective of it.

Sometimes you have to put yourself in other people’s shoes to understand them better. Life would then become simple.

With a cool and relaxed mind, my friend said “Life is the greatest teacher and each day is the beginning of a new learning that comes in any form and any source.”

We did let go of the heavy word ‘ Patient ‘ and enjoyed our day with a cherishing smile.

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By Jasmine

3 thoughts on “The power of words in our lives and the way we must look at it”
  1. I can so empathise with your friend, Jasmine. The world can be critical and hard hearted at times. I agree with you that the best way is to move forward. thank you for this post. It is highly relevant in a hypercritical world.

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