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Observe, Notice, Focus, Attention – Terms commonly used by Parents and Teachers for students .
The reason underlying – Observation is a powerful tool of learning. The process of becoming aware in this is un imaginable and beyond our thinking.

Observation gives a new angle to look at things, generates new ideas and creates innovative solutions.

Observation and learning are done in many forms:
1) A child learns through observation from parents -The way of communication. It is thus recommended to parents to speak in a subtle way amongst themselves as the child grasps very quickly all that it notices.
2)An individual learns new language, words and phrases  by observing and noticing other persons talks.
3) A sales trainee learns marketing skills by observing and accompanying his Marketing head to client visits.

Observation has Immense Power to Approach things in a different and New perspective.

One such observation done by my brother is the Eating patterns of pigeons.
Nature has given us so much to enjoy, observe and learn.

The pigeons are always found in groups and they eat very small tiny bites of food in groups.
They pick up the food from one place and collectively many pigeons get-together and consume them.

This amazing and powerful observation has a deeper learning :

1) The fun of collaboration  – When we collectively collaborate with each other  it is fun as it reduces the work load, manages the  stress, creates accountability towards one another .The weak points of one is taken care of the other and it thus multiplies the result of success .

2)Little by little a little becomes a lot -Little things like watering the plants, The soothing music of birds, The little quality family time, little savings, Gratitude for a safe and good health are some of the small and tiny things which fills our heart with love and grace.

3) The Ripple effect -Small gestures of sharing, Mere extra efforts each day to improvise , Support to someone when in need can make the world a better place to live in peacefully despite the darkness of all the negativity around. The ripple effect of these roots a greater impact.

4) The Soothing Calmness– Notice the stillness that the pandemic has left for each one of us. The empty streets, The shut doors of Neighbors’, The quietness in school and office areas, seems like a nightmare but Observe the other side of the scenario:
It is actually directing us to Calm down, Pause and Observe our lifestyle to take care of our health, To value money , To live in the present and To be grateful to all the things we possess.

Adapting this learning through pigeons to share and grasp the tiny things around us will give us Inner peace and solace.

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