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Life is a mix of joy and difficulties. The world and life are the same for everyone. There are dark scary clouds and bright sunny moments in each one’s life. If we deeply observe our life and the life of our outer circle, we will notice a symmetric common trait amongst us. While one is at their peak, the other is juggling with struggles in life. The truth is, nobody can escape from the vicious circle of life. When the phase of Joy is present, the phase of Difficulty is inactive and dormant at that moment.

The truth of life is one phase can surpass the life and vice-versa. This is an undeniable reality.

The formula of life is Joy + Difficulties = Life

Both difficulties and Joy are blended with each other in different proportions. Having said this, Uniformity is the justice and fair play of the creator

Execution Part

The Uniformity of the World, though same for all, is pursued differently by each one.

For instance: The exam day with the same bunch of students is perceived differently by each one of them. Some are nervous and scared before appearing in the test and others are super cool. Some are a bookworm and a few others are not. Everyone is different and has their own set of fears and setbacks.

Some find opportunities and learnings in the darkness of life and

Some Sink in the deep trench of the darkness.

Joy and Difficulties

The main role played in situations is directed by the Mind. Mental health plays a crucial role in directing our lives.

Tips to become mentally strong

1 Accept the life we have born as

Humans are magnificent creations with the capacity for intellect, thought, understanding, and expression. Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, in their human avatars, demonstrated the ability to effortlessly resolve challenges. This was by embracing the circumstances and remaining neutral. With only a snap, any problem could be resolved but they accepted their life as a human Avatar. Thus continuing to live life in the same way as humans would do.

There is no spice and flavor to life without the taste of failures and troubles. And only when we taste the failures, it enhances the taste of success too.

    2 Prepare yourself for the Surprises of life

    Surprises of winning a jackpot, surprise of an unplanned birthday party is so appealing and welcoming but the surprise of a sudden trouble or loss of a client at work disappoints, upsets and spoils our mood. Usually, the tendency is to think of only good times but there should be a backup plan too for an unplanned uncertainty of life.

    We need to train, trust and repeatedly dig the thought of belief in the process of life by practising to be even in any circumstances.

    However, it is natural to feel the tension and worry for a while but at that time a simple hug and communicating our times of trouble to a near and dear ones can work as a medicine to our pinching pain.

    3 Value the good in life

    Life has been smooth for most of us. If there are some potholes on the way it’s just negligible. Practicing gratitude and seeing to the positive side of life makes our minds strong.

    Making a gratitude journal and focusing on the counts of good things fills us with confidence and boosts our morale.

    For instance: During school days, whenever there were exams and if in case there was a sudden power failure, we understand the importance of lights in our house and a small candle helps us to brighten up the place.

    Similarly, the tough times are a sign of valuing the good times that we still have in our life and valuing the small little wins, celebrating the little joys, acknowledging the little freedom and focusing on the good things that are with us does the trick of seeing that they are more in number than the difficulties in life.

    4 Make the right choice

    When someone cracks a joke, we laugh at it once, twice or even a couple of 5-10 times but after a point of time we cannot laugh at the same joke again and again. Then why, as humans we cry at the same trouble again and again?

    We need to make a wise choice of being strong and tough to glow or to become weak and fumble to sink in the path of despair and depression.

    A fit and a strong mind can definitely take care of a weak and troubled life. So, love yourself and your life for all that it is. This is as no times are the same and sooner or later things will become good at their own pace.

    Whenever there is chaos, trouble and life seem puzzled, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say to the creator “I completely believe there’s a better plan for me, just help me sail through now”.

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    By Jasmine

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