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We master our intellect through Academics, But our Emotions are left untouched to be mastered;

This evoking statement I heard from the life coach and founder of KMM ( Keep Moving Movement)gave rise to a change in my approach to looking at things around me.

I observed that Pain, Regret, Blame, Depression and mental health illness is an attitude toward looking at things.

Seed of my brand – OPTIMISM

To make myself strong, an effort was made by me to look at

  • The positive things in life,
  • A Ray of hope in every difficulty, and
  • A mindset of Acceptance to believe that all things would eventually be fine.

I penned down learning experiences from nature and people who are an inspiration to portray how our life is based on the way we design it.

The nurturing of seed to Seedling

For nearly a year, Optimism was locked in the computer having a special corner in my heart until it reflected me that knowledge and learning are of no use until it is shared. This gave birth to the seedling OPTIMISM by way of blogging.

Blogging is a unique and beautiful tool to share experiences, information, and learning and give a voice of your brand to the world.

Blossom of the flower of Optimism

Blogging communities like Blogchatter helped me to make my seedling into a brand by way of Posting my blogs on the blogchatter website, having a network of friend bloggers, and multiplying the positivity of Optimism by reaching more number of people.

What’s in for the readers in the brand OPTIMISM

  • Outlook of a Fair life for every individual
  • Finding Positivity in every angle of life
  • Power of Acceptance, Belief, and Choices we make
  • Lessons and Learnings of life from every tiniest cell of the universe
  • Overcoming challenges and standing unshakeable during times of storms in life
  • Reflection and being grateful for a beautiful life we have despite the little potholes on the way.

By Jasmine

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