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HOPE is an Amazing Tool that gives Courage during times when circumstances, Situations become unpredictable and life takes a sudden U-Turn from Peak to Low, From Joy to Sadness, From Healthy to Sick.

HOPE appears as a fairy when it feels to break the barriers of helplessness through some magic wand to come out of the situation.

Consequence of losing Hope:

If a person travelling by flight to a destination experiences climate change and lot of turbulence in the journey, the person with Hope keeps his temper, his health in control whether any unforeseen situation occurs or not But the one worried and stressed, becomes vulnerable, loses hope and withdraws before anything bad happens and collapses.

Giving up before the situation occurs is not failure , It is Fear.

Process of Hope to create magic

The element of Hope lies within each one of us. It is just that as we grow up, we are in the rush of accomplishing success in everything we do which takes us away from the below categories of Hope.

  • Hope of Trying to give our best.
  • Hope of Believing the Universal truth that Everything that comes has to go.
  • Hope of Accepting that difficulties are an outcome of a new beginning.
  • Hope of Acknowledging the fact that Life is nothing without Hope.

This interaction with Hope is not something that is invented but it is an in-built feature within every individual.

It starts displaying its characteristic from our initial games of childhood, one of them is the board game of Snakes and Ladders.

  • Hope starts by rolling the dies to get number 6 on it to be a part of the game.
  • Hope continues even if the opponent is about to reach to the top but you see a ladder that can take you to a higher number to win.
  • Hope further keeps up the spirit of playing even though you find a snake pulling you down because you Enjoy the Game and not the result of Winning or Losing.

Hope creates and provides a mental strength to all the problems in front of us, hope generates actions ( karm ), action activates knowledge ( gyaan) and knowledge leads to solution towards problems.

The only thing that keeps us moving in any situation is Hope. Hope creates a trust that any experience in life good or bad, is re-invention to grow.

Life definitely throws googlies of Difficulties, Challenges in our path but the tool of Hope is the one which has the power to turn over any circumstance and make you a winner of your Journey.

The moment Fear, Negativity is substituted to Belief and Hope Life Flourishes.

Once you chose Hope, Anything is possible

Christopher Reeve.

HOPE is Dreams,

HOPE is Energy,

Hope is Attempt,

HOPE is Savior,

HOPE is Victory over Helplessness,

HOPE is Life.

By Jasmine

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