Self-Love is not being selfish – 5 effective pointers

Self-love is something that is trending these days and the spotlight is more on loving thyself and being one’s own valentine. It’s not how much you do but how much love you put in the doing, is what counts.” Mother Teresa Self-love is an act of kindness and compassion towards our own self. It’s not… Continue reading Self-Love is not being selfish – 5 effective pointers

Women Then and Women Now

The Energetic Power of Strength, an unconditional force of love, the sacred sacrifice of willingness to give more than receiving, the intellect with a passion to achieve everything she desires and Empathy towards every entity is the powerhouse of a Woman. Womanhood has seen a revolution in what they were perceived in earlier times and… Continue reading Women Then and Women Now

Colors of life and its Significance

Holi – A fun festival of Hindus which embarks celebration with various distinguished vivid and lively colours of life. This day signifies the victory of good over evil and people all around pray and offer all their negativities to be burnt into ashes in the Holika Dahan festival. Colours of life in sync with Colours… Continue reading Colors of life and its Significance

Embrace the Uniqueness to be Valuable

Each one of us are absolutely unique like everyone else but that makes us special. We are different based on our culture, age, Race, Gender, Marital Status, Cast and breed which is termed as diversity. Inclusion is respecting, contributing, and valuing the different aspects of diversity to form an integrated environment. Diversity and Inclusions(D&I) are… Continue reading Embrace the Uniqueness to be Valuable


Do things that interests you and u will fly high Its a beautiful thing when Career and Passion come together. There is magic in everything you do. Life becomes truly meaningful. However, out of curiosity I wanted to know how many of them matched their Passion to their Professional work. Figures of facts After a… Continue reading THE SEESAW OF LIFE

ईश्वर से दिल की बात

जो हर रूप में मनमोहक है,जो हर कण-कण में समाया है,जिनके होने या ना होने कि,हर किसी की अपनी ही परिभाषा है,उन निराकार ईश्वर का विवरण करने का आभास ही कुछ अनमोल है। घुंघराले केश, नैनो की बोली,नटखट मुस्कान, मधुर वाणी,ने कर दिया मुझे मदहोश। बातें करने को मन है बड़ा चंचल,लाड लड़ाकर खीर पुरीखिलाने… Continue reading ईश्वर से दिल की बात


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Nature is adorned with greenery. Relaxing under a shady tree is always a pleasant experience. Walking in a park is a treat to the eyes and a treasure for health. The Pandemic effect however imposed shutting down the parks. Once unlocking was imposed, the parks were open after a long gap. One Observation that hooked… Continue reading ENLIGHTMENT BY NATURE


Do u think failure is shattering of dreams? Failure is a set back? Failure is destruction? Read on further to realize Failure is only a myth and not the truth I was in a frame of mind for many years that failure is disheartening, Failure is an end until I learnt it while explaining the… Continue reading THE REWARDING FAILURE


HOPE is an Amazing Tool that gives Courage during times when circumstances, Situations become unpredictable and life takes a sudden U-Turn from Peak to Low, From Joy to Sadness, From Healthy to Sick. HOPE appears as a fairy when it feels to break the barriers of helplessness through some magic wand to come out of… Continue reading HOPE – POWERBANK

औरत की परिभाषा

करुणा की मुरत, ममता की देवी,औरत ही है हर जीव की रचनाकार।हर रूप में झलकाती है प्रेम भाव,हर मसले को सुलझाती है कला भाव सेयही है प्राकृतिक स्वभाव एक औरत का। दे दो उसे बस आदर, समय और प्यार के कुछ पल।न्योछावर कर देगी वो खुशी खुशी अपने जिंदगी के हर पल।। #मां # जीवन… Continue reading औरत की परिभाषा