Navratri-A festival of fun and Valuable teachings for life

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A worshipped, loved and much-awaited festival in the month of Ashvin i.e September to October is named Sharadiya Navratri.

This festival is considered as the auspicious days of the Hindu calendar called Nav – 9, Ratri – Night ( Navratri) as each of these 9 days represents an incarnation of  Goddess Durga’s triumph over demon Mahishasur and celebration of Victory over Evil.

The festival is truly known for the energy, positive vibes, kindness, and power of a Woman depicted in stories of nine avatars (manifestation) taken by Durga Maa. Added to this it has powerful messages to convey to mankind like every festival that has a religious and learning attached to it.

Valuable Teachings from the Navratri festival

Age is just a number

The excitement, thrill, and fun in the various competitions like the Navratri Aarti Thali, Dance and best costume held during the festival unites all Age groups people from early as 3yrs to 65+ years to participate and enjoy the festival with oneness and be merrymakers

 Dance is one of the biggest forms of Therapy-

Much before the Navratri date begins, workshops are planned to learn and relearn new steps of Garba and Dandiya to perform in the 9 days event. The practice session bring great flexibility and are a therapeutic form of exercise  for physical and mental health as it brings many together and cheers up our mood

Leads us to the path of Self-discipline –

Devotees keep fasting for 9 days as a belief to seek blessings from the Goddess. This escorts self-control on the favorable dishes, having a fixed routine, adhering to the set principles, and thus making us more self-disciplined in life

We are much more powerful than we know

Navratri represents the power, strength, and energy of Maa Durga where she portrays an individual to free themselves from the imperfections, uncleanliness, lethargies, and evil aspects to emerge more powerful than what they are.

Knowledge is the biggest shield –

Times are unpredictable and uncertain but the power of knowledge can Bypass the tough times and rise humanity from the troubles of Poverty and helplessness. Goddess invokes the real wealth of kindness, sincerity, and purity of mind as the real knowledge to live a blessed life.

Faith of leap multi folds success-

Devotees immerse and surrender themselves in the Love and faith of the Goddess and light a Diya (Lantern) representing her and seeking her blessings with full faith. Faith leaps in the darkest of times can strengthen our inner souls beyond our imagination

Power of Woman

The nine incarnations of Durga are the various qualities of a Woman who are a deadly combination of being both soft and tough at the same time. During these nine days, each day shows that woman is a part of the Goddess and she can be one like her when required.

Like every festival, Navratri is also a festival to enjoy and cheer while reflecting on putting an end to all the negativities and welcoming peace and happiness in our lives.

Navratri is a journey from the outer world of names and forms to the subtle world of energies; to the innermost core of our being – the Self

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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