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All that Glitters is not Gold

Love, a four-letter word often mistaken for attraction and infatuation is more than anything else in life as it is the most beautiful artwork of the universe gifted to all.

Just as a book cannot be judged by its cover, A great advertisement of a product

may not be as valuable and worthy as exhibited by the company, A trailer of a

web series may be better than it appeared to be. Similarly, only the physical appearance of a person cannot foresee the Characteristic and Inner-heart because appearances can be misleading too.

Definition of Love

Love is the purest expression and is not bound by any definition. It’s a blissful feeling, an emotion of overjoy, and a sense of fulfilment.

Love is generally linked with an individual of the opposite sex but Love is beyond boundaries confined to just one entity. It can simultaneously take place with just more than one where the compartment for each one differs.

Ex: The approach of love for a spouse differs from the approach of love with

children. Love for Parents is eternal but love for friends is evergreen too.

Nature lovers fall in love with the beautiful greenery and calm climate and every Indian proudly mentions that they love their Country.

Hence, love cannot be measured and the hierarchy of who tops in the list of love cannot be specified. Love is an expression that is beyond words.

Is Self-Love a sign of selfishness?

Self-love is something that is trending these days and the spotlight is more on loving thyself and being one’s own valentine. 

It’s not how much you do but how much love you put in the doing, is what counts.

Mother Teresa

Self-love is an act of kindness and compassion towards our own self. It’s not a forceful act that someone can impose over the other. 

Self-love is about considering oneself as the most precious, the most joyous and the most valuable than anything else. An act of self-love is done only when one wants to be happy and in peace.

Self-love and Selfishness

Self-love is seen often as being compared to selfishness. 

An individual who does not think or care about other person feelings and emotions and just fulfils his / her own needs and desires is captioned as being selfish.

But an individual who cares about their likings and prioritizes a few hours for their ‘Self-Care’ is yet many a time victimised to be pointed for an act of selfishness. 

The Magic of Self-love over selfishness

  • Self-love brings Acceptance

When we understand our own self and love ourselves despite not being perfect with quite a few weaknesses, we unconditionally accept the other person the way they are and lead a life free from complaints and grudges.

  • Self-love gives freedom

Freedom is the most precious gift to give self and anyone around. Holding too tightly on one’s thoughts brings suffocation in a relationship. Self-love teaches to respect the other person’s decisions and their say to give liberty and space to do what they love to do.

  • Self-love does not compulsory demand love from others

When we love ourselves, we glow from inside with happiness and with a balanced state of understanding, we do not demand love from others but instead understand that demanding love never can attract respect and love from others. 

  • Self-love imparts Gratitude

Abundance of self-love brings an attitude of looking at the positive things in life and being gratefulness for what we have. We learn to live in the present moment and the power of synchronicity gradually makes all things fall in the right place for us and for everyone around us.

  • Self-love guides to rise above self to give others

With self-love, an individual knows that giving is everything. Self-Love not just makes you happy but it is contagious which spreads smiles, hugs, happiness and love to everyone they meet with their presence. 

Self-love is not selfish,

It’s not a mistake that you have done,

Instead, it’s a lifestyle that

Makes you who you are!

It begins from within,

Nurtures and pure the heart to flow outwards

As the best gift to yourself and the World.

Quiz to ascertain if you are in Love?

Expressing love is essentially required but understanding Love is even more important than only showing it. Take a simple test to find out how much you understand Love:

1) You love Ice-creams because it has a yummy taste and is mouth-watering. Likewise, introspect whether you love the most special person in your life also for a reason, Is that true?

2) You stay at a nearby distance from where your parents reside, but you visit them only if you need help to take care of your baby, or if there is any work related to their involvement. Is that true?

3) You understand that freedom is something that everyone wants; Hence, you believe and trust your teenage child to share his/her views and feelings but in the end, you want the child to adhere to your decisions, True?

4) Your Love to your family is beyond everything, but it is so protective that instead of being a strength, it is becoming a hurdle for them to grow higher in life. Introspect and find if it’s true?

5) You consider a simple hug, a small note, good quality time with each other, and being loyal is not a great tool to express love to your loved one. You need proof of love in form of gifts and appreciation. Is that true?

6) You Purposely lose in a game or conversations at times to make your loved ones feel special and happy. Practicing this selfless and surrendering attitude does not make you small but will uplift your relationships. Do u believe in this philosophy?

7) Every individual is unique and so are their habits and style. Opposite poles attract each other and so you do not demand and expect your love to change for you. Yes/No?

8) Your ‘ Me time’ is a priority in the huff puff of routine and your balanced approach in life is due to your self-love. Yes/No?

9) Age is just a number but as we grow older certain hormonal changes in the body causes anxiety and irritation. You support by the thick and thin of your partner and make them feel your warmth. Yes/No?

10) You understand you have come a long way in life and the mistakes done by you in the process are forgotten and are a learning process, you let go of yourself from these burdens and move on in life. True?

Result Time

  • If your answers from 1 to 5 are False and
  • Answers from 6-10 are True or Yes,

It means you have mastered in understanding Love and you are a great companion for yourself and for the one you love.

However, if there are a few answers which need to fall in the right category, it’s never too late as:

Love grows stronger each day by the Approach to happily blend in the love of your life!

5 Mantras for being in love

The 5 U’s when incorporated makes love the best feeling in the world and make it your greatest strength.

  • Unconditional love without any clauses,
  • Unreasonable love without any demands,
  • Unswerving Love with full loyalty towards the other
  • Understanding and caring with selfless motive,
  • Utmost Freedom of trust and respect.

Love is:

A flower that blossoms at the bottom of heart,

A Canvas that paints the vibrant colours in your life,

A dream that fulfils with one glimpse of someone special,

A cooling shade to respite amid the scorching rays of life,

A firm belief that life is beautiful when your love is around!

 ‘This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva andNoor Anand Chawla.’

By Jasmine

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