When my alarm didn’t ring this morning

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The Sun is all set to rise every morning at the same time,
But am I all set to wake up too at the same time?

Not really, Early Mornings are cozy and my sleep cycle is at its peak when the Sun rises. Without an alarm clock, my world will be upside down. Morning breakfast, children’s lunch box, office meetings all of it becomes complete chaos without my lifeline ” Alarm“.

Emotions attached to my Alarm Clock

I have mixed feelings about this amazing tool that wakes me up every morning.
The alarm is my best friend on Mondays to Fridays and on Weekends I badly want to keep it miles away from me.
I gain a few grams every Friday night when I pleasingly and purposely switch off the button to stop the honking sound of the alarm on Saturday and Sunday.
On the contrary, I lose a few grams on Sunday again when I set the alarm to wake me up on Monday.

How one Sunday Night changed the whole story!

I was completely dependent on the alarm to kickstart my day. But to my good luck, one late Sunday night I completely forgot to switch on the alarm again for the next week. I was very tired and I immediately dozed off.

Mornings can bring a new surprise And new beginnings in our life!

This Monday morning, a missed alarm tone had a lot in store for me. To my surprise, when my alarm didn’t ring that morning…something else did.

My senses“. I still couldn’t believe it. Just at that exact time, my body sensed me waking up.

I was so fresh and happy. My day was cheerful as I was not dependent on the alarm to wake me up. No more stress on tapping the snooze button again and again.

I was freed from the habit and the mindset that I cannot wake up early on my own.

My sleeping and waking up pattern functioning was set. It was I who carried the burden of keeping the alarm. I was a free bird from then on.


Life is beautiful. It has beautiful surprises for us each day. Sometimes to learn and other times to enjoy.

There is a list of things that we desire to do, but we wrongly believe that we may not be able to do them. However, we never know ‘Maybe a surprise awaits for it too.’ Our mindset plays a huge role in shaping our dreams. 

Trust and believe dreams can be achieved, progress with an optimistic approach and they surely will be done!

Expect the unexpected!

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