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The stock market, Mutual Funds, and SIP are considered an investment path to secure your savings in a disciplined manner and to gain a good amount of returns each month. Although these investments are done with a calculative method, there are quite a few chances where the market teaches the investor lessons not only to invest wisely but also Lessons of life that remain with them over a lifetime.


1) Disclaimers

Mutual funds are subjected to market risks and so is life. Life is a bundle of surprises. We plan almost everything but we yet need to be ready for the risk of uncertainties. So, the learning is expect the unexpected.

2) Understand when to enter and exit- 

Sometimes, we land into trouble by entering into expressing our view at the wrong time and quite a few times a heated conversation blazes up as we do not exit at the right time. Hence, we need to learn the lesson of entry and exit strategy in our conversations.

3) Get into depth in your findings- Being judgmental, hoping to conclusions and assumptions are the three spoilers that harm our relationship. Getting into the depth of our findings in understanding others’ points of view can be our greatest strength for a happy relationship.

4) Patience and not being too greedy – In our rush to reach great heights in life, we forget the basic principle of keeping patience to achieve anything and striving hard to attain it. Patience and not being greedy are the anchors of a successful desire in life.

5) Ups and Downs – Nobody can escape from the circle of Peaks and Lows of life. We all go through phases in our lives. All we need to do is Face the Ups and downs with a smile.

6) Find out what suits you the best– The stock market has a list of companies which you can select to invest in. Similarly, life gives us many choices in our life that we need to select to lead a happy and contented life.

Each day and each cell of this everyday life has something to communicate and guide us to understand the beautiful learnings from it. We only need to be open and accept it with full of enthusiasm.

By Jasmine


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