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In a huge river named Gomati, Dwarka city Gujrat, I had a beautiful miraculous experience .A fortunate incident that taught me that life is not a race, one has to enjoy the present moment and embrace failures as stepping stones to success.

That morning, during my visit to the river, birds were chirping around in the sky. Devotees threw coins in the river from the bridge Sudama Setu to pray and fulfil their wishes.

Early in the morning, when the sun kissed the river, I saw two little girls near the gentle flow of the river happily searching for coins that the devotees threw. This was to earn a few pennies ‘and share the amount among themselves. Visitors entertained the kids by throwing coins, creating a game and race to catch them.

Unsurprisingly, the two girls who were once a team started fighting to get the coin as it was a game now. In the hustle and bustle to earn extra money, many a time, the coin was just in front of them but both of them were unable to find it.

Ironically, Goals of our lives are basically in front of us but we still keep searching for it everywhere. This is as We often miss opportunities right in front of us because we only see what we want to see. .

Life is lived just like a race

  1. Students and job seekers chase success without considering their passion and capabilities. Portions are been mugged without understanding and following the profession prevailing among friends.
  2. Professionals and entrepreneurs prioritize success, money, and power over human values.
  3.  Parents enroll their children in courses based on societal demands, disregarding kids’ interest in the field.

Realization from the incident

  • Growing and learning are important, but understanding why we do tasks is equally essential.
  • Do what you love instead of forcing yourself to love what you do to find motivation and energy.
  • Being an achiever comes from failures and setbacks. So there is nothing to bother about it. Keep Learning and move ahead is the mantra of life.
  • There is immense power in working a team. Hence, Seek help and give help too.
  • Be happy with what you are and spread the happiness among others as it gives the giver happiness and self-satisfaction.
  • Be honest in all your endeavors, and you will be respected by everyone.

There will then be no boredom, no pressure and no stress of work. Instead, we will be blessed with Motivation and Energy in the tasks that we take up.

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By Jasmine

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