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One morning, co-incidentally I woke up early. I stretched and yawned, waking up cosily out of my bed. While I was in inactive mode, I heard the humming sound of a bird from my balcony window. A little birdie was swinging happily on the rope of my hanging cloth hanger. The bird was in pleasure mode. I didn’t want to disturb it with even the slightest noise, but our eyes met at one point, and it flew away in the open sky by making a sound.

The eyes that said it all

The encountered message

Out of curiosity, I rushed to see where the bird had flown, I witnessed a beautiful orangish sky and the sun peeked casting a golden glow over the world. The beautiful sky was a vibrant mix of orange and yellow. There could be nothing more fulfilling to the senses that could take over the glimpse of the sunrise. I was grateful to the bird to show me the miracle start of the day.

The decoded language of the bird

The glimpse of bird’s eyes was stuck in my mind. Thus, I felt the urge to decode the bird’s humming sound. I’m not sure if it was my inner voice, the fresh and refreshing air, or the bird sound, but I felt like the bird was telling me, “What are you doing inside the house? Come out and have a good walk in the sun. You’ll feel energetic for the rest of the day.”

I recalled that I was deeply waiting for a day to start the habit of walking. I used to only think of it but kept on delaying it. That day, I felt as though the bird was a messenger who visited my balcony window to highlight me the importance of initiating my fitness journey.

The Realization for the walk

I realized that I don’t always need to go on vacation or to a resort to see view points for a beautiful sunrise.

One can always find it, if we just step outside and embrace nature. I knew it was time for a walk. I immediately wore my walking shoes and enjoyed a beautiful morning stroll. An early morning walk in the sunrise is essential to get our dose of Vitamin D, strengthen muscles and enhance our mood.

Learning the Lessons

That day, I learned a few valuable lessons:

1 Learnings can be found in the smallest of things

The little birdie reminded me that beauty surrounds everywhere around us, even if it’s something as ordinary as a morning sunrise. At times, we get the greatest insights in places where we least expect them.

2 Listen to the inner voice

Our inner voice is our brightest strength. Listening to and following our heart can do wonders for us. The specialty of inner voice is that it gives us a clarity to perform better.

3. Live in the present moment

The little birdie also taught me the importance of living in the moment. It’s easy to get caught up in our busy lives and forget to be completely in the present moment . But the little birdie showed me that it’s important to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beauty of now.

4 Power of gratitude and appreciation in life

We take things for granted and don’t value the things we have enough. If we pay attention to the beautiful things that life has given us, we will easily ignore the things we don’t have. That’s the magic of gratitude and appreciation.

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5 Stop procrastination

There is no concept of “one fine day.” I always thought ,once I get free I shall start my regular walk and exercises. Once my responsibilities are lessened, I will pay more attention to my health. However, that day never comes. Everyone has the same 24 hours, and we need to stop finding reasons to procrastinate. It’s now or never.

6 Health is a priority and not a duty

Good health is not something that is inherited but it is earned with effort, dedication and willpower. A fit body and a strong mind are a gateway to happiness.


I felt a different kind of joy and energy level in me that day. With that, I promised myself to start my day with a morning walk. From then on, it feels immense pleasure to express that 5 days a week and 30 minutes walk is a part of my routine now.

I’m so grateful to the little birdie for teaching me these important lessons. I’ll never forget its morning song and the joy it brought me.

The motive of this blog is to motivate many more like me who wants to focus on their health but is unable to take that first step.

The first step is always the most difficult, but once taken nothing is impossible.

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By Jasmine

3 thoughts on “I looked out of the window and our eyes met – there was a hidden valuable message”
  1. What a lovely lesson taught by the humming bird.
    I loved the lines, “I don’t always need to go on vacation or to a resort to see view points for a beautiful sunrise.
    One can always find it, if we just step outside and embrace nature.”

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