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People all over the world are smarter now. Investing their hard-earned money in an extra source of income to beat inflation and lay their spare money in the right place for further returns is the widely chosen alternative for future gains.

Different people have different goals for their investments, as well as different industries to invest their capital along with varied investment strategies. However, as people are moving towards Supporting and collaborating, impact investments (Social investments) are trending in the world now.

Changing trends with Social Investments

There are constant changes in the mindset of people. Earlier, one used to think only about profit in investment. But, this frame of mind has moved from investing in a social cause and concurrently earning money too. Being a philanthropist, one can help others by donating a small amount of money. But being an impact investor one can build a positive impact in society that could be beneficial for social and economic benefits. Social investment is an investment strategy that has a win-win situation for both parties.

Need for Social Investments

Not all entrepreneurial journeys start with Mentors, coaches and sharks. Most of the time, there is a brilliant idea that requires execution and token money to start the process. The fact is that not all start-ups get easy funding.

Women, Farmers, and Unbanked Individuals need extra support to start their businesses. Thus, social investment is surely needed to initiate the change. The process of change starts with the self. This change will promote entrepreneurship, education and will uplift rural India to prosper and grow.

Why invest in a Cause

Life has become monotonous. Money is the motive but individuals are lacking excitement and happiness. This can be fulfilled only with a balanced approach. Social investment is much more than earning financial returns as it gives financial gains and a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Factors to consider before investing

Every business goes through hard work, expertise, failures and lots of patience to make it successful. Investment is a planned, strategic move to multiply your assets and earn the appreciation of money.  Hence, investment cannot be blindly done for investing in a cause. The factors to consider are:

  • Decide the duration of being invested in the project,
  • Understand the business and industry of investment,
  • A little depth of the location, background and people involved in the business,
  • Research on the statistics of the repayment process for impact investors.

Finding the right platform to invest with Rang De

Identifying the core people who want to prosper and need financial loans is the biggest challenge. However, Rang De brings the parties to the same platform.

Rang De is an Indian social organisation that is a pioneer in the field of social investing. Rang De is regulated by RBI.

On this platform, investors can lend their money to farmers, artisans, and entrepreneurs. This helps small start-ups to commence their business, sustain, grow and succeed in their entrepreneurial journey. In return, the investors earn good returns on their capital investment. The financial returns are mentioned for each sector. An added advantage to investing with Rang De is that there is certainty in their returns.

An individual can choose the investment industry and the amount of their investment based on their interests. Adding to this, investors can also visit the place, interact with the team and joyfully experience the progress of the organisation.

The System at Rang De

 Rang De’s system is quite simple and clear. Everything is transparent for a social investor. The areas to invest, the returns of investment, the data of impact investors, the amount invested for each partner and stories of change are precisely brought up to investors to ease up their thought process to invest.


The future trending investment is social investment. It is sustainable, profitable and effective too. Rang De is revolutionary where social investing is solving huge problems while bringing smiles to people’s hearts.

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals- they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.

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