Happy go lucky new year resolutions for self and society

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A firm decision, a promise, and A fresh start are all that matter to cultivate the happening of something that one truly desires. New Year’s resolution is one such tradition that is followed by many. New year embarks the festival that lightens up the heart for another chance to live up to our goals and aspirations through resolutions.

Customarily practiced new year resolutions

Primarily, New year resolutions by people are inclined more toward self-improvement. This could be losing weight, getting fitter, learning something that was forgotten, practicing money-saving techniques, and many more.
Investing in self is the best investment choice. It is also the most common and widely accepted form to welcome the new year.
However, to make a difference one needs to be the change themselves.
Multiplying the goal of happiness is achieved by resolutions taken that not only do good to self but also for the betterment of society.

As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

Unique and selfless resolutions to make for the year 2023.

Along with focusing on self-improvement, the whole year can become more special through resolutions promised to try out the selfless act that does good for all.

1) Sort and recycle to resolve issues

Landfills, Amusement Parks, Beaches and lakes, and Roads are all filled with waste in corners. This issue needs serious change in people to resolve the issue. Make a promise to yourself in this year’s resolution 1. To segregate waste in different bins to sort out wet, dry, and electrical waste.

2. Always have a paper bag handy on vacations and tours to throw away things on the journey.

3. Recycle and Reuse things and items to save the environment.

2) Participate in donation drives

The best Gift to someone is the need of the other person.
Donation drives are a great way to give away something that’s in excess or not in use for us.

A selfless act :

  1. Donate blood- Be the reason for someone’s life.
  2. Organ donation – Support the cause and be a part of saving a life.
  3. Food and Clothes Drive – Bring a smile to a less privileged person by giving away clothes and sharing the food for life.
  4. Donate Toys – A child laughs and makes the surroundings joyful. Books and toys are overlooked and go unnoticed in the bins within a few years of their purchase.
    Donating is the greatest act of happiness. Mindfully observing the places and people, where one can donate will ease the process of finding places.

3) Support old age homes –

Aging is a natural and mature truth of life. Taking care of an elder at home or visiting an old age home at certain times gives a sense of fulfilment to the person receiving it.

  1. Expressing a little act of kindness, and soft-spoken words works magically.
  2. Getting together or gathering an elder’s friend circle in turn comes on the form of blessing to us.

4) Help in campaigns and programs that take care of animals-

Animals have feelings and emotions just like humans have. The only difference is they cannot express it through words.But the warmth, love, and loyalty that animals share are few times lacking even by humans.
  1. Pampering or adopting a pet, if it suits you is a good way to help animals.
  2. Joining, promoting, and supporting animal welfare homes can be helpful.
  3. Volunteering and sparing some time can be a great way of taking care of animals.

Resolutions are a form of initiating new beginnings and selfless tasks of helping are a great way to drive the whole year with joy and enthusiasm.

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