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Mother’s day – A special day dedicated for mother’s is celebrated on 8th May as a very small token of appreciation for all the sacrifices and love that a mother showers over her children.
From the time she gets the good news of a blossom in her womb, the young girl priorities her World from Self to the Baby.

For a fit and healthy child she eats kinds of stuff that she never liked in her life, Takes care of her body like she never did before, Listens to and reads religious books to keep her mood swings in control while imparting the right values to her child even before birth and once she carries her child in her not so experienced arms, a girl gets all the Power, Strength and Love of the Lord to be a substitute of God in Earth.

God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers.

Jewish proverb

The above quote holds true for every mother on earth. Mother is the only entity of any era who has been the same in terms of her love, warmth, and sacrifice over her children.

Be it a child of a Mason who earns her daily wages with the sole purpose of feeding meals to her baby while its child plays around her on the construction site or a mother of a well-to-do family who gets pleasure and satisfaction only after feeding her child from her own hands are on the same page of offering all that she can do for the love of the child.

Mothers are a blessing

The care and nurture of a mother towards their child, the sleepless nights they spent to give their child a sound sleep, the limitless sacrifices and the endless little stories of her motherhood are tied to no boundaries.

One can never repay one’s debt to one’s mother. However, one can always do little pampering to make her feel special.

Everyday gestures for Mom to show your love to her

  • A warm hug and a Simple Love You

Mothers don’t need anything in return for all that she does. But a simple gesture of a Hug will make her energetic to carry on all the chores with a great smile.

  • Express you understand her

Sometimes all that is required is a listening ear and appreciation that boosts up the individual. Mothers work hard all day but there is usually a gap found in saying a simple thank you for her efforts.

  • Pamper her with something that she likes

Hobbies are often forgotten when a girl becomes a mom. Pamper your mom with her favourite cuisine prepared or outsourced by you, watch a film together to give her the time that she misses from the time you have grown up, and set up an appointment for a rejuvenating spa to relax her tiring muscles to refresh her quota for few more days.

  • Give her a Surprise

Friends are instant laughter and mood up lifters. The blush on her face after meeting her gang of friends will blow away all the pain and troubles from her life for a while.

  • Give her right to her

Mothers are quite often taken for granted to everything she does as it is considered her duty to perform the various tasks, she undertakes but the truth is she is a Human too, with dreams and aspirations in her heart. Respect and give her space to let her enjoy motherhood with pleasure of flying and reaching out to her wings.

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

Cardinal Mermillod

By Jasmine

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