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Nature is adorned with greenery. Relaxing under a shady tree is always a pleasant experience. Walking in a park is a treat to the eyes and a treasure for health. The Pandemic effect however imposed shutting down the parks.

Once unlocking was imposed, the parks were open after a long gap.

One Observation that hooked my eye and triggered my mind was the plight of the plants in the park.

The plants were all dried as there was lockdown everywhere and as a result there were shriveled leaves all around.

The plants dried due to lack of water but watering them again could revive them and blossom.

Wonder Thought

Just like the plants, We too were in our cocoons, There was fear, despair, sorrow around us but just like the plants if we fill ourselves with few things we can also rejuvenate and Re energize ourselves and blossom like the flower again. Nothing is left behind, we still can make a choice and reinvent life

Life does not stop for anyone. Times change and slowly all things set in place.

The Enlightenment Thought:

Gratitude was the first thought that filled my heart for all that is in abundance but we gave a little importance to it.

  1. The fresh Air, The Plentiful and most essential component of human body Water, The 5 senses of Sight, Smell, Taste and Touch.
  2. Safe atmosphere- Our homes that helped us protect from the virus.
  3. The healthy body and mind which kept us fit and took us away from stress, anxiety . It guided us to recover soon from our own suffering and the shattering news of outside world.

Gratitude is the best gift that we can give ourselves during good or bad times. It fills our heart with joy and happiness. It is strengthening and healing too.

The law of attraction attracts more of what we believe and wish for.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance


Many a times the lenses we look through gets blurred and life looks difficult and scary, but gratitude has the power to rekindle that spark within us and light the flame of life for a beautiful life.

Gratitude is a choice to make. Focus on the silver lining and jotting down the joys of our life would help us to be emotionally and physically prepared for any challenges that comes our way.

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