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Each one of us are absolutely unique like everyone else but that makes us special. We are different based on our culture, age, Race, Gender, Marital Status, Cast and breed which is termed as diversity.

Inclusion is respecting, contributing, and valuing the different aspects of diversity to form an integrated environment.

Diversity and Inclusions(D&I) are the pillars for success in every area for an overall development of an individual be it on personal or professional front.

Commencing of D&I

Diversity education started in the 1960s to combat the lingering racial tensions between black, brown, and white people resulting in the civil rights movement.

Importance of Diversity and Inclusions

  • Power of being heard boosts performance

The diverse and various ideas, thoughts are a common scenario in a conversation but acknowledging and considering the differences and hearing each and every voice boosts the performance and creativity of an individual irrespective of Appearance, Personal Interests, Seniority, and outlook of life.

  • Fosters Innovation

Brainstorming, Assessing, Developing and Implementing ideas by a diverse group of people brings insightful problem-solving capabilities and innovation in work culture and in turn results in a win-win situation.

  • Shoots up the productivity

When people feel they are heard and that their unique talents matter among colleagues and leaders, the confidence level boosts up and increases their productivity. Research have shown that companies following D&I have 5.4 times higher employee retention than companies who do not follow it.

  • Holistic perspective

D&I runs with an approach to create a high-trust workplace experience for everyone, no matter who they are or what they do for the organization.  This diverse and inclusive culture expands the efficiency in every aspect to a more holistic perspective.

Statistics that show the importance of Diversity and Inclusion

  • According to Deloitte, diversity enhances team innovation by 20%.
  • Diverse teams are 70% more likely to capture new markets and are 87% better at making decisions.
  • 75% of people think that employee diversity leads to a competitive advantage.
  • A study by McKinsey & Company illustrates companies with culturally diverse boards globally are 43% more likely to experience higher profits.

“In Diversity, there is beauty and there is strength”

Maya Angelou

Effective areas of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Workplace

Considering these benefits most of the companies have adapted diversity and Inclusion across the globe. Companies that follow Diversity and Inclusion believe it to be a profitable business avenue scheme.

  • Education Centres

Education is key in understanding one another. Children become more knowledgeable of other diverse groups and diversify themselves along the way. They learn each person has unique abilities and value each from a correct age.

Area where Diversity and Inclusion need to be implemented

  • Home Sweet Home

Culture is built through everyday activities and daily interactions. The famous quote “Charity begins at home” means a person’s first responsibility is to implement things with the needs of people close to them before they think about helping others.

A leaking bucket is to follow the approach of Diversity and Inclusion in a home which can be done through creating awareness on the same.

  • Many families still consider, decisions and discussions to be limited to the Male of the family whereas it is seen that a Woman is stronger and more capable emotionally during a crisis and handles things in a multi-tasking way.

Creating awareness regarding being different and being unique is what makes an individual take wiser decisions and scale to new heights.

  • Children are considered immature and they are not involved in family matters to speak and here. But if children grow in a diverse and inclusive environment, they will become better decision makers and independent individuals.

Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.’

                                                                                                Ola Joseph

Change is the only permanent thing. People are becoming more aware by valuing and respecting life and each other with gratitude for each other. The culture of Diversity and Inclusion when followed not only in workplace but in all prospects of life will create a balanced approach in both the personal and professional front.

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