Colors of life and its Significance

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Holi – A fun festival of Hindus which embarks celebration with various distinguished vivid and lively colours of life.

This day signifies the victory of good over evil and people all around pray and offer all their negativities to be burnt into ashes in the Holika Dahan festival.

Colours of life in sync with Colours of Holi

Life is pleasant and vibrant filled with varieties of colours.

Each colour has a story to tell, among which few of which are bitter and sour painted with unwelcomed moments, few are sketched with sweet nothings that are treasured for life and few are left empty to be mixed and customized to paint a beautiful masterpiece of life by us.

Colours of life, its reactions, and the needful approach to living it

Knowingly or unknowingly, we make the unique colour of life our identity. The truth is, as human beings we release different emotions in every colour of life and the best is to vent out the emotions of negative force to be optimistic and full of life.

Broadly, let’s classify the colours of life in its primary colours (Red, Green and blue)

  • Colour of difficult times (Red)

The colour of difficult times can be associated with colour red as it signifies to stop, pause and not over react to the situation.

Different emotions like anger, fear, jealousy and pain are experienced in this phase but when we stop ourselves to let go of the tough times and not interrupt the uncontrollable things, we relax and cool down to wait for the times to change as the most amazing nature colour of life is “No times last forever. They keep changing.”

Difficult times show us different colours of our emotions and test the colours of our circle of friends and family. But colour red also means courage, love, health, and life. Hence, colour of patience, trust and hope is the best remedy in this phase of life.

  • Colour of Growth times (Green)

After a pause while in chaos, we become strong and resilient to face the challenges that help us to bounce back and emerge high in our life.

Colour green signifies new beginnings, fresh thoughts, Hope, positivity, and clarity.

However, while we grow if Greed, Arrogance distracts us then this phase can block our minds and push us again into the pit of destruction and despair.

Hence the crucial colour of Politeness, Realistic and Being obliged keeps us moving to be successful and respected in life.

  • Colour of Peak Times (Blue)

When one reaches to the maximum limit of growth in terms of success and the highest and most enjoyable phase of life where luck, money and success are the most common colours to experience.

Colour blue signifies Calmness, Stability and Reliability.

We always rise by rising others hence instead of being haughty if we learn to give others, we lead a life of self-pleasure and bliss.

Colours of Empowerment, Inspiration and being a medium in Nurturing others grow to be role model makes us true human beings!

Every situation and every person bring out the best color in us. Life would be boring and dull without its variations. So, lets embrace all the colors of life that destiny shows us and enjoy either it’s importance or experience in our lives.

The secret recipe and importance of colours of life

Life is just like the Raw uncooked cauliflower, That is white in colour (in its purest form),Looks attractive when mixed with other color vegetables like carrot and peas ( Different Personality traits),Gets tasty and delicious By the process of low flame cooking, ( Experience and Mistakes)And  becomes aromatic Once it blends with the dry colorful Masalas ( Self – Adaptability),Ready to eat with flavorsome and appealing combination ( Resilient) ;

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