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My heart goes hmmm…
My heart flutters
Yes, for certain things 
That is embedded for a lifetime!

Life is an experience. Experience that we feel, sense, learn and re-learn. Individuals experience different stages in their lifetime. Among these stages, childhood is the most innocent and joyful stage of life. Here, we are always happy. There are no worries where we pause and think about the coming times in life. 

But as we progress out of the fantasy world and live life independently, we get to know ourselves deeply.

The revolutionary stage

A deep understanding of SELF ruptures when we experience different moments in life. Some moments make us laugh. Some make us cry. During these moments, we go through different mood swings. These mood swings make us anxious, lose patience, and seek a willingness to be happy again.

This feeling of being not-so-happy develops a desire in us to find out alternatives and ways to rejuvenate and uplift our lost joyous mood.

My happy-go-lucky therapies to make my heart flutter

  • Ice-creams

Eating ice cream when I am in a low mood, instantly cheers up my mood. When the sweet, creamy and delicious ice cream melts in your mouth, it melts away the pressure, the thoughts, and the negative feeling and leaves us with a fresh and refreshing mood. One of the reasons for it is that both protein and fat, which our bodies require to balance our moods, are found in ice cream. Adding, to this it has the advantage of not overeating in stress and solves the idea of making my heart flutter with joy.

  • Listening to Music and Singing along

Music can have a good, instant effect on our mental state. Fast tempos can psychologically awaken us, assisting as fuel for the day. Certain inspirational songs and music connect us emotionally. The sound and the wordings all bring us to the present moment. This smoothly erases the anger, and frustration out of place and elevates our hearts.

  • Om chanting

Be it meditation, Om chanting, or Mantras they have a powerful voice that connects us to our inner selves. Om or Aum chanting is a spiritual practice that calms the mind. It is also said, that the first sound of the universe is Om. Repeatedly listening or chanting Aum alters the aura around us and fills the place, mind and body with positive energy. Listening to Aum chanting helps me focus and concentrate on just the voice. I also heals me from all the tensions and makes me joyful.

  • Perform a selfless Act

Most of the time, we are unhappy as we look out for materialistic things around us. Competition in the world has made us selfish in nature. For almost everything, we need a return either in a monetary way or an appreciation form. But the truth is bliss is from acts experienced in small and powerful things. A selfless act leaves aside our ego, and our status in society and welcomes kindness and generosity within us. A small selfless act like celebrating our birthday cake with young children on the streets fills up overflowing smiles in their hearts and a hope to be joyful at all times.

  • Attempt and try

We, as humans are designed in a way where we like to be in our comfort zones. But success, thrill and excitement come into life only when we come out of our comfort zones. My heart flutters when I push myself and try things. It is better to attempt and try than repent later of losing even without trying. Even if success doesn’t fall into place, at least we feel satisfied with trying with full effort and enthusiasm. This boosts motivation and optimism within us contrary to feeling sad and upset about failures.  

  • Encouraging and Uplifting words in difficult times

Times and situations are uncertain. Many a time, we try our best to keep our calm but yet feel gloomy. During these times, the technique I use to make my heart flutter is to seek help. Help from a well-wisher, when encouraging statements like “This is just a phase”, “U are capable of handling this”, and “ Come, what may, I am with You always” utters and reaches the mind and heart, the tsunami in mind calms itself. These uplifting words can be from a friend, listening to self-motivating videos, and consulting with a life skill coach.  But, this therapy works very well to bring us out of the fixed mindset and lift us to a joyous mood.

  • Practice Gratitude

Last but not the least, Gratitude is a powerful tool I acknowledge that works as a therapy in stressful times of life. Each one gets their slice of bread. Counting on the blessings, the happy times and daily peace in our life correlates with more joyful feelings, overcoming challenges and enjoying present moments. Greater happiness is regulated by feelings of thankfulness. My heart flutters with the beauty of nature and the joy of people.

Tapping Positive Vibes

By Jasmine

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