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Blogging is a medium of the digital world that involves communication and publication of information about one’s interests, experiences, occurrences, details of facts, and figures of a particular topic through the platform of the Internet.

Blogging in simple terms is journaling through the power of Written words.

History and progress of blogging

The journey of blogging, started by a student Justin Hall to publish his writing on Links.net in the year 1994.

Blogging was then a personal homepage and slowly it grew with 23 blogs on the internet in 1999. Over the years blogging numbers have seen a transformation to 600 million blog posts in 2023, with a mind-wobbling figure of 7.5 million blog posts published each day.

We get to live in a time when we get to use social media as a tool

Gigi Hadid

Blogging Statistics

Blogging is now a fundamental part of online culture. As per a survey by Business News and 99 firms on blogging statistics, “68% of internet users frequently read blogs. Out of which, 39% read 1-3 times a week, 10% 4-6 times a week, and 11% read blogs every day.” The purchasing decisions depends on the reviews of blogs. On an average, 8 reviews are read before making a deal on a product.

Purpose behind blogging

Initiation of bloggers to blogging is Blogging for varied reasons:

  • A hobby to share ideas and knowledge in an area where they have expertise, 
  • To meet like-minded friends through blogging communities and network with each other, 
  • To create awareness about an issue they feel about and to attempt to bring a change in the belief system lying around the taboo. 
  • Brand awareness and marketing to boost sales by providing services to the readers and converting them to repeat customers. 

How blogging has helped different categories of people

A Google search on a specific topic is flooded with several blogs by bloggers. This indicates that blogs help the readers as well as the bloggers to have a say in their words. Also, let’s understand this in detail by classifying them:

Blogs drive results

1 Corporates

Almost every website has a drop-down menu of their blogs to connect to the customers at a greater level by showcasing their work, reviews, and feedback as a better marketing strategy. 

2 Homemakers

The creativity of homemakers is beyond imagination. They express and work from their heart and strong willpower. Homemakers have turned to solopreneurs by sharing their knowledge and passion with the world with the help of a personal blogging site or by joining various blogging communities.

3 Successful Leaders of top Companies

Passionate have quit their jobs to be their boss by starting their blogging communities for good earnings with the liberty to work at their convenience and have also been reasonably successful in it.

As per Content Marketing Institute, blogging drives result with 71% and 70% in B2B and B2C business.

Is Blogging merely Writing 

Writing has been a form of verbal and non-verbal dimension of communication for thousands of years and writing has seen a lot of revolution from conventional writing with an ink pen to writing on typewriting and now on computers on the web.

Blogging is often considered an easy way to connect your thoughts to the world by posting them on a website but the truth is not all blog posts become successful.

The difference between Penning down ideas and blogging has a few basics to learn that transform conventional writing into blogging.

Blogging requires a lot of patience, planning, researching, and timely updating of information. 

Selection of Areas to Blog

Personal blogs, Business blogs, Professional blogs, Fashion blogs, Lifestyle blogs, Travel blogs, and Food blogs are a few common areas where bloggers can dive into the blog and provide value to the readers.

Primary Techniques to follow while blogging 

1 Purpose of a blog

Before initiating the journey of blogging, bloggers need to be clear about the motto behind their blogging. For instance,

  • Only to share their ideas among friends and family or to reach a larger audience
  • Blogging for Passion or as a Source of Income.

2 Niche selection

Every blogger can write topics relating to around 3-4 areas but expertise lies in one or two fields. A conscious thinking of expertise attracts the readers as they find value in it.

3 Prioritizing the use of proper keywords

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) shows the readers the content of the website page through the help of the right keywords. It helps in the identification of the search query where users type in to get answers.

4 Grab the Attention span

Glance information quickly

Unlike earlier times when everything around us is moving so fast, readers too do not prefer to spend much time in a blog post looking out for their answers. Thus, the content has to be crisp or in a story form that hooks the readers throughout.

5 Reiterating is the key

Bloggers need to regularly update their older posts data and create hyperlinks to their previous posts to get more traffic to their blogs and remind their audience of their blogs.

6 Social media and Networking

Social media platforms creates presence and a space highlighting your work. Also, Networking communities build a connection to meet different bloggers, their writing styles, their differentiator element of blogs and also become a huge support in the big blogging world.

Blogging isn’t tough but with smart blogging one can reach the heights of becoming a successful blogger.

The journey and Story of every blogger are different,
But the purpose of Every blogger is the same,
Which is the Reader’s satisfaction
That requires a Lot of Patience, Dedication and Research.

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon

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  1. I have been a blogger now for over 20 years and love writing for the sake of writing as well as expressing my views in public. Thanks for this overview.

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