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After dropping off our children at school, it’s most of mommy’s time to take a break, talk about daily routine activities, and express opinions and feelings on a particular subject, with giggles and laughter for a bit to get through the monotonous activities of the day.

On a bright day, one of my friends told me about a conversation that stressed the importance of caution and care for children nowadays.

She said, ” These days, parents really don’t understand where their kids are learning rude behaviour and bad language from.”

She added, “Who teaches them all this so soon?”

We were nothing like them at their age. They are very smart, curious, and have many questions. They get bored so easily that boredom takes place every now and then and it’s difficult to keep them occupied.

No single toy or book can keep them active for long, except for smart TV, games, or the internet.

The other friend responded, “This is exactly where the problem lies. They have the exposure and freedom to use gadgets that we didn’t have.”

We have given them this freedom, and now we’re tired. The internet is surely a great tool for learning and exploration, but it is also a dangerous place. There are many inappropriate websites and apps out there.

She also shared one awkward situation as the internet does not discriminate.

She conversed, that the other day she was exploring places for vacation with family along with her father who is 70+ and while we were fully engrossed in it, too many unwanted advertisements popped up on a few sites which were indecent to see.

The bitter truth

Having known all of the ill effects of the internet, the bitter truth is, that we need to give them this exposure. We can’t restrict them from it.

School projects, learning crafts, and helping us with our work while they’re occupied have gotten them into the habit of being exposed to both good and bad things in the world of technology.

Kids surfing the internet

The solution for the problem statement

My friend asked, what’s the solution then?

She replied, that one of the options is to give them the liberty to surf but expose them to only that content which is safe for them.

Another friend asked if this is even possible since the internet doesn’t discriminate between children, teens, adults, or seniors and if she knew how this could work out.

Yup, I recommend Happinetz, which is the solution to this. It is a parental control device that helps kids surf safely. It’s easy to set up: just plug it into your home router and download the app. Then, you can manage your kids’ screen time, filter inappropriate content based on their age, and track their activity. Happinetz is a great way to keep your kids safe online while also teaching them how to use technology responsibly. This is because it manages the kids’ screen time, filters inappropriate content as age-specific, and tracks the activity of the children.

The differentiator attribute of Happinetz

The other friend with curiosity said, I checked it out, and Happinetz is even Made in India! We should try it. The internet is vast and sometimes dangerous, so as parents, we need to make sure our kids are using it safely. After all, it’s so true that the internet doesn’t discriminate with age or purpose for which the user uses it. Moreover, Happinetz has great reviews too for its easy-to-use features and works seamlessly.

As the name suggests Happinetz is a happy and well-researched technique to artfully solve cybersecurity threats. And children also get excited when they get reward cards for following the internet schedule that we as parents set.


Our conversation was all worthwhile. We not only found a solution for the fear of dangers of internet but also a sense of satisfaction to give them the right approach to technology.

This post is a part of Happinetz-Internet does not Discriminate

By Jasmine

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