6 techniques to deal with the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

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The active and quick life that moves rapidly demands us to be ubiquitious making us follow the trends, be in touch with the happenings of the event, and become conscious about things, circumstances making us anxious and at the same time super busy too.

As a result, we get blown out with the fear of missing out (FOMO) on things in our life.

Ill effects of FOMO

FOMO leads to irritation, mood swings, feeling of not being able to handle things, and stress and thus affects our mental well-being.

Having said that, to make ourselves strong we need to face the FOMO and tackle it. Wherever there is a problem, there surely lies a solution.

The dealing technique to solve FOMO

1) Adjust the angle of the lenses –

When images seem to be blurred, we adjust the lenses of the camera to make it clear. Similarly, we need to adjust our focus from seeing what we have missed to what we have in life. This transforms our dissatisfaction into satisfaction and brings us to a neutral state of mind.

2) Enjoy the present moment –

Life is too short to worry about past events we missed as the main purpose of life is to be joyful and happy. The present moment brings Awareness of the little wonders of Nature and People and experiences goodness in each moment of life.

3) Detox from always being occupied

Having a self date and freeing oneself from the calendar clashes, appointments, and meetings sets our mind to enjoy our own company while learning to embrace and find solace within. This brings out the innovation, creativity, and exploration of self and sets us free from the stress of FOMO.

4)Value the time in hand-

Minutes turn into hours scrolling through messages, social media posts, and instagram reels, and then the time in hand slips from our grip. Nothing shall miss out. In fact, More opportunities and avenues open up when we value the most precious gem of our life.

5) Prioritise things and events –

The choice is always with us to choose what we want. The tiredness and fatigue from missing out on occasions can be eased by Scheduling our work, taking breaks, and prioritizing events. This lowers the burden in mind and makes us more efficient while focusing and taking full ownership of our choices.

6) Build the mind set of JOMO ( Joy of Missing Out)-

Joy in the little moments of life, joy with self, and joy with the things that we have is the real pleasure and peace of life. Practicing JOMO mindfully brings contentment, Gratitude, and Appreciation to us.

JOMO is fun and eliminates the fear of missing out ( FOMO) while embracing the bigger picture of our lives!

For everything you have missed,

You have gained something else;”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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