5 Ways to Stop Overthinking

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The fast moving pace of the world, demands every person to be quick, smart and work strategically. For this, the most essential element to execute anything big or small requires a lot of thoughts to it. But when this substitutes with overthinking, it needs to be controlled.
For instance to crack a sales deal –
a thought process of researching the market size, thinking how to pitch inorder to make it successful and lot more planning goes through to make it work.

Similarly, to plan a meenu for lunch –  thinking what to make, the quantity required, Planning Grocery and many other things are to be considered to fill the tummy satisfactory.

Thinking  is one of the process that is very much required to accomplish the plan of action.

Thinking is healthy and a boon but when thinking replaces with over thinking it takes a toll on both mental and physical health and transforms from boon to bane.

What is overthinking?

A process of Mind in which the problem appears to seem big than it actually is overthinking. It creates a loop of tangled thoughts in itself without giving any solution and unnecessarily makes things overcomplicated.

Why is the trap of Over-Thinking

A tangled Mind filled with thoughts
  • PerfectionPerfectionism is like a net that filters the thoughts and plans but holds us back from performing. To make things and events perfect excess thinking results in falling in the pit of Overthinking.
  • Riddled Questions Life is uncertain. Circumstances and situations at times lands us is in a position where we want to find answers to our Riddled life. When we do not get answers we get into the trap of thinking more and more to get the answers of the questions. Here, overthinking becomes a habit and it acts like a slow poison in spoiling our health.
  • Regret about an action, analyse a problem, worrying about future-Overthinking comes with an issue to solve or an achievement that we are yet to achieve and in the rush to perform an act and to solve the problem, many a time the decision backfires us resulting in overthinking.

Data of Overthinkers
Research suggests 73% of 25 to 35 year-olds chronically overthink, along with 52% of people ages 45 to 55 . But the good news is that the habit of overthinking can be broken by following simple techniques.

Thinking is productive and creative about considering all the choices and considering to make a decision. Overthinking is depressing as it makes an individual stuck in the chain of thoughts and not conclude anywhere.

Ways to stop Over-Thinking

1) Keep the time limited-

The truth is few things cause a lot of stress and worry. But the more we dig in a problem, the more we feel bad about it and the more we feel bad, it becomes difficult for us to come out of it. So, instead of worrying the whole day, allot a fix time of about 15-20 minutes to think about anything which may give positive answers and a different angle to look at the Riddled question.

2) Awareness of your thoughts –

When the smallest of decisions looks very big and your mind and mood is mostly exhausted then one of the reason could be that your peace of mind is disturbed through overthinking. Challenge your thoughts at that time by being aware and cut off by changing the self talks by doing some other activity to deviate the mind from the chain of Over-Thinking.

3) Acknowledge by living in the present-

Being in the present is the most precious thing that we can give to oneself. Our past is to learn from it and not think about it. Our future is to work, prepare and act on it and not dwell in the ocean of thoughts.

A Calm Mind always gets solutions

4) Keep things extremely simple

Life is not that complicated as we make it complicated by our thinking. Making a planning list and taking action as per plan and being open to flexible modification keeps us away from overthinking.

5) Look at the bigger Motto –

Overthinking is a mix of self thoughts and others advices, but if it takes our peace then it’s best to narrow it down and consider to shut it down as the bigger Motto is not the Why Why analysis but it’s the solution seeking process.

I don’t fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.

Louise Hay

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