5 effective Needs and Ways to Set Boundaries for a Healthy Relationship

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A line that marks the limits, personal space, and the way to be treated and spoken are a few descriptions of setting boundaries in the relationship. Boundaries are present in every relationship be it, the mother-child, amongst friends, siblings, and even life partners. If we closely notice it is not prescribed or mentioned but over a course of time it develops naturally and when it doesn’t it takes a toll on our mental health and affects our living.

Need for Setting Boundaries

Enhancing our identity

Setting boundaries flourish our identity by owning the respect, freedom and values that we owe and this, in turn, develops self-love and self-care within us.

Live a happy and contented life

Setting boundaries leads to being grateful by pleasantly listening to each other’s point of view in a very subtle way that lays the foundation of respect, honour, and freedom in life. It only means to be Happy and contented from within, to live freely and to be respected and treated with honour. Raising a hand for the right we deserve and politely communicating that setting boundaries in a relationship will only make the relationship stronger is the real charm of setting these boundaries.

Ways to set healthy boundaries in relationships

1) Communication –

Choosing the right words while being assertive and expressing the type of boundary you need like a little time of your own, some family space or meeting friends to balance the stress of life is the key to setting these boundaries with an ease.

2) Behavioural shift –

Setting boundaries doesn’t mean overpowering or not being flexible while the situation demands you to be in, it only needs a behavioural shift from not paying attention to your needs and values tobeing clear and mindful to focus on the importance of it while at the same time being soft in our tone and nature with self and others.

3) Learn to say no at times –

Relationships suffer when we keep on stretching things that we do not like to do or say but still perform it with half-heartedness. This slowly creates differences in lives. Saying No at times in a polite way can make the other person understand our approach towards things and by this a gentle line can be drawn in disagreeing to something that we cannot tolerate.

4) Team Work Effort –

Setting boundaries is possible by the help and support of every individual. Thus, before setting boundaries express the reason why we ought to do this and how things will change for the better after this is done. This way it doesn’t seem a burden or, ill-mannered or unpleasant to anyone whileexecuting the same.

5) Follow it with empathy

Setting boundaries is not done with the intention to hurt anyone nor does it mean to rule or become rude. In fact, it projects understanding other person’s feelings, emotions and opinions too while putting our point of view if we differ on any matter. Practicing Empathy while setting boundaries effortlessly makes things happen in a relationship.

Life is lived by how we want to live it, It’s a choice of actions we take in it,

Setting healthy boundaries is one of it

Where relationship with self and others radiantly shine!

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