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  1. There is Child within each of us, yet it isn’t felt too often

Responsibilities, Stress, Work – Load,

Is an aspect of life one has to be with,

However, living each moment with enthusiasm and cherishing the little joys,

With a pinch of Crazy, Naughty Laughs in a day,

Keeps me Alive, Cheerful and Stronger!

2) Asking for help is a sign of strength, yet a huge number resist to seek it

I look at the mirror and talk,

Each time a different inner person is seen,

Sometimes happy and satisfied,

Sometimes angry and upset,

Is there something that disturbs me,

Yes! Sort it out then, Speak it up, Ask for help

It get easy now,聽I feel relaxed and Calm In Peace and loved!!

3) The world is a smaller place yet the gaps have increased

Advancement in technology,

Has made us connect at all times in all places,

Functions, Ceremonies are all attended in face time,

Yet I puzzle the gap in hearts and relationships..

Is it that we have given up the patience to hear 

Or we have become extra smart to understand that small differences are a part of every relationship 

And it just has to be the way it is!

4) Every coin has two sides, yet in times of difficulty we focus on only one side

I have been shaken up,

Surrounded by challenges and difficulty,

The tunnel seems so dark,

But at the end of the tunnel is another side,

That is bright and Shiny,

Awaiting for me to see and experience it

Shift the focus on the positivity

And experience the magic of it!

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By Jasmine

7 thoughts on “4 things that puzzle me in today’s world”
  1. Every coin has two sides, yet in times of difficulty we focus on only one side – this was my favourite point 馃榾

  2. I like your view to see things differently. All 4 things are so appropriately said like the world is small yet people are away from each other.

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