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Growth is a remarkable journey where one discovers new heights. It is a gradual process in life. We all start small and insignificant, but with time and effort, we can achieve great things. However, before embracing this stage, individuals must navigate through important categories to unlock their true potential.

1 Love, Care, Warmth, and Cuddle

The first stage is love, care, warmth, and cuddle. They are the essential building blocks of growth. These emotions are shared by all living beings, fostering connection and understanding. They provide us with the security and support we need to feel safe and loved. When we feel loved and supported, we are more likely to take risks and step outside of our comfort zones.

2 Guidance, Help, and Support

The second stage is guidance, help, and support. As we grow and develop, we need help from others to learn and succeed. Seeking advice from experienced individuals as from mentors or teachers and help from friends and family facilitates the accomplishment of tasks. While seeking help is beneficial, it should not become a dependency.

3 Protection, Security, and Safeguard

The third stage is protection, security, and safeguard. This stage provides us with a buffer against the challenges and setbacks that are inevitable in life. They serve as shields against potential problems and difficulties, ensuring a safe environment. When we feel protected and secure, we are more likely to take risks and try new things.

4 Growth, Improvement, Success, Prosperity, and Progress

The fourth and final stage is growth, improvement, success, prosperity, and progress. This is the stage where we achieve our full potential. We become the best versions of ourselves, and we make a positive impact on the world. However, growth is achieved when we move out of our comfort level based on our capabilities, hard work and self-belief.

The Example of Birds

The example of birds is a perfect illustration of the four stages of growth. Birds are born with the ability to fly, but they need to practice to develop this ability. The parent birds provide guidance and help to their young, and they protect them from harm. Once the young birds are ready, the parent birds encourage them to fly on their own.

Growth is in taking that first step

The Inference

Fortunate are those who experience the aforementioned first three categories in their lives, courtesy of their friends and family. However, those who demonstrate wisdom and courage are the ones who recognize when it’s time to shed their protective shield. They understand that although failure may be a possibility, the journey itself offers invaluable lessons and experiences, which in itself is a remarkable accomplishment regardless of success or failure.

For instance, when teaching children activities like cycling, swimming, or even everyday tasks such as packing their bags or making their bed, parents do so out of love. However, if this support is not withdrawn at the appropriate time, it becomes excessive protection and hinders the child’s progress.

The four stages of growth are essential for anyone who wants to achieve their full potential. Only if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can grow, improve, and succeed.

The Action Step

  • Act courageously and remove the shield of protection, superstitious beliefs, and fear from within. Perform the work with full hard work, and dedication, and forget the consequence of failing or succeeding in the process. Attempting the work by coming out of the comfort zone is a success in itself.
  • A person can achieve success from scratch without any assistance, or any connections, however, it requires sheer courage, hard work, focus, and dedication to fulfill it.
Growth is in seeing the bright side of being uncomfortable in doing things

I hope this blog post has inspired you to take the next step on your journey of growth. This post is a part of the Blogchatter Half Marathon

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