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Work-life balance is the act of equalizing and giving importance to the two most crucial aspects of life – Career/ Work and Personal/ Family Life.

Wait for a while,
All the pending works,
Are now going to finish
A Weekend is on its way!

This statement is almost uttered by all of us and is a major reason of Procrastination to enjoying our Present.
We all get 24 hours a day… It’s up to us as to what we do with those 24 hours                                                              

Sam huff

To balance both of them in a calmful manner is a dream for almost everyone today as time demands us to be present everywhere. Straightaway, it can be stated that Work – Life balance is the most stressful and a Demand, Commitment, and Pressure cease us to strike a balance between work and personal life.

Importance of Work-life balance

Stress in today’s world is a part of life for every individual, be it a school going child who has to finish his homework on time, an employee and entrepreneur of a company who has to meet the deadlines to achieve the set target or a homepreneur who has to take care of the family along with the work of an office.

In fact, Work-Life balance has become even more crucial post-pandemic as the traditional working hours have now been off the track. Meetings, Family rituals, and Parties too are now done in a virtual 2*2 tile grid where we are expected to be available all the time at all places.

Is Work-Life balance Possible?

Looking at the culture and nature of the work it seems that the balance is almost impossible. However, Balancing the Work – life is not a myth and is very much possible but we need to understand the ground reality that holding anything too tight (professional or personal life) not only creates pressure but also suffocates us.

Work-Life balance is extremely important as it acts as a boon and a combo of Happy Within with strong mental and physical health to be an all-rounder and highly Productive outside.

Everybody wants to live and enjoy every single moment of life. But balancing gets tricky if it is in our minds. However, when one determines to balance work-life, then it finds its way.

Balance is all about a determination that builds and cultivates from within.

Therefore, knowing the art of holding and letting go creates the right balance in a Work-Life culture.

A dream is only a dream until you decide to make it real.”

— Harry Styles

Tips to retrieve the Work-life balance

  • Choose your priorities wisely

The key is to break down your daily schedules into parts that give space to personal, professional and family life. Balancing is something that is created by choice through prioritizing the necessities of life.

  • Balance is not an inbuilt characteristic; it is a planned created one –

Nobody can help us if we do not know to help ourselves. Plan a mindset to make Work-Life balance happen through a structured idea and implement it accordingly.

  • Change your focus

Family life, Hobbies, and Work Pressure all of them go hand in hand. Even if there is a misbalance in any of them, life becomes monotonous. Focus on the ripple effect of happiness and productivity it gives than on the pressure of achieving the balance takes. The right approach to things changes and smooths the entire process.

  • Learn to say No at times

Draw a line of timings in your work-home culture. Work will always be there. Saying yes to every task with a fear/to please others lands us in a trouble to be available all the time everywhere and takes away our mental peace.

  • Short breaks with no gadgets – Digital world are a saviour and a medium of torment at the same time. With Mobile phones, laptops and internet connectivity we tend tempt to carry our work everywhere we go. Try keeping it away from you in your memories of short trips.
  • Exercise regularly

Regular exercise reduces anxiety levels and depression by enhancing the mood through fitness in the body and improves self-esteem too. Cheat days for a day or two are ok but every other day a cheat day only harms our health.

  • Learn the art of plug and unplug

When the tension and tightness multi-folds, unplugging the plug again works wonders with our mind and body. Sipping a coffee, listening to a song, and talking to a friend for a quick 5 min can help us to reframe the tensed situation to a normalized one to rework again with full enthusiasm.

  • Release yourself from the act of Perfectionism

Striving to be flawless and being perfect at all times creates more stress and deviates us from many other angles of life. Acknowledge the fact that none of us can be perfect at all time and its ok to have at times an imbalance in life as Life is all about learning each day and trying to improve through it.

  • Figure out your own Master plan

Each one’s lifestyle, workload, and family life are different. Do not blindly just compare your work – Life balancing score with that of others and follow others’ strategies. Design your own Master plan that best suits you, your work and your hobbies and act more smartly.

  • Acknowledge the truth of just one life

 Enjoy the Now as the next now is coming soon. Delaying the balance of personal life will make the present more stressful and will spoil the whole game of today.

Representation of a good Work – Life balance

Managing, Enjoying and Working at the same time to handle the deadlines and yet having fun with friends and family without the stress of doing things simultaneously is a best example of a good Work- life balance. Its sheer smartness to choose a balance wisely to Shine both inside out.

It’s all about the quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.

Philip Green

By Jasmine

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  1. Rightly said, and yes you pinned down all important aspects of work life balance, we forget these points in our daily life.

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